We offer services in installation, welding, repair work and planning. For example, we offer to install new machinery, storage facilities or installation of entire production lines. Welding works may range from repair work to serial production of components. We also offer planning services required for the installation of major production lines where millimeter precision is required. Here we can offer our expertise and produce drawings by the use of CAD programs. We are committed to providing our customers with a customized service where we take the customer's wishes into account and always provide a cost effective solution without reducing the quality.

We have access to equipment for most metal works. For welding we have MIG / MAG, GAS and TIG equipments which could be used on most metals. We have a CNC plasma cutter that can produce cutouts in high quality. We also have the ability to bend and cut metal in different dimensions. Through our partners we do the jobs that require specialized equipment. Contact us at FeMek for more detailed information about what services we can provide.